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Postponement of memory loss thanks to omega 3

Sadly, as we get older, we have to deal with slight memory loss, some confusion or a slowdown in our intellectual faculties. It’s something we all experience, some earlier than others. With advancing years, it simply becomes harder to remember things, to learn something new or to process new impressions. The good news is that a diet containing plenty of oily fish can slow down this memory loss.

Food for the brain from fish oil

Fish oil, oily fish and semi-oily fish contain omega 3 fatty acids, specifically those known as EPA and DHA. These omega 3 fatty acids don’t just keep your heart healthy, they are also essential for proper brain function. Did you know that 60% of the dry matter in the brain consists of fat? Mainly DHA, as a nutrient. But EPA also has an impact on brain function.

Omega 3 for protection against dementia

Research among people with a mild form of memory loss has clearly shown that memory loss occurs later in users of omega 3 than in non-users. Omega 3 could make it possible to delay the development of memory loss into dementia.

"Omega 3 could make it possible to delay the development of memory loss into dementia"


If you are starting to experience memory problems, you’d be well advised to start a course of omega 3 to prevent them from getting worse. That’s because it can mark a transition towards dementia. The good news is that with omega 3 you can stop the deterioration in your memory. And that’s certainly not a tip to be forgotten.


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