Mirage Distribution Limited

Mirage Distribution is the UK-exclusive distributor of Minami Omega-3 fish oil products, supplying the whole UK market; which includes health food stores, retail groups, pharmacies, luxury stores, online vendors and direct to consumers. Mirage is possibly one of the oldest distribution partners of Minami and was founded just so to distribute Minami products in the UK. As one of the eldest partners of Minami, Mirage has a wealth of knowledge and prides itself on providing the very best customer service to all Minami customers. Mirage considers Minami to be the ultimate fish oil brand representing the very highest quality in the sector and therefore solely focuses on promoting Minami and does not carry any other products in its natural health department.

Contact details

Mirage Distribution Limited

Unit 18 Wadsworth Business Centre 21 Wadsworth Road

Perivale UB6 7LQ

Tel.: +44 (0)20 8997 3727 Fax: +44 (0) 020 8991 8042 sales@minamidistribution.co.uk

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