Top quality

Not all omega-3s are the same!
Our strict standards and sustainable production
method ensure a high concentration and
unparalleled pharmaceutical purity.

Superior concentration

MINAMI® contains up to 3 times more omega-3 than most competing brands.

Pharmaceutical purity

Our fish oil comes from small, deep-sea fish from the pure waters around Peru.
They contain the lowest levels of contaminants like heavy metals, toxins and pesticides.
Moreover, MINAMI’s® internal standards are stricter than the generally accepted IFOS
and GOED standards. MINAMI’s® high quality and purity is also guaranteed by our third-party testing.

Advanced production method

Not all omega-3s are the same! Our strict standards and eco-friendly
production method ensure high concentration and unmatchable pharmaceutical purity.
A production method with no chemical solvents and extra-low temperatures,
allowing the omega-3 to retain its full health benefits.

supercritical CO2-extraction method

small fish species

fish oils
are esterified

saturated fats
are removed

purification process
with CO2 as solvent at
35-50°C under pressure

extraction EPA and
DHA by supercritical
fluid chromatography
with CO2

fish oil has up to 90%
concentrated and
highly purified omega-3


molecular or chemical distillation

fish oils
are esterified


process with
(chemical) solvent

distillation of EPA
and DHA by repeated
heating at 200°C

fish oil with
30-60% omega-3