A healthy level of omega 3 is important

Working to achieve a healthy balance of omega 6 and omega 3 is one of the most worthwhile things people can do to benefit their health. The typical western diet is rich in omega 6, but does not include sufficient essential omega 3 fatty acids. Minami supplements contain highly concentrated omega 3 fatty acids and no fillers or unnecessary omega 6 fatty acids. In this way they optimize the ratio between omega 6 and omega 3.

Minami: the purest fish oil on our planet

Minami develops dietary supplements with very high concentrations of omega 3, which has been scientifically proven to offer various health benefits. They are also produced in an environmentally-friendly manner, making our omega 3 dietary supplements the purest and more sustainable fish oils on the planet. Thanks to our supercritical technology, Minami is able to produce high-quality dietary supplements that are perfect for you and your family.

Atrium Innovations: a healthy global player

Minami is a subsidiary of Atrium Innovations, the market leader in one of the core sectors of the health industry: dietary supplements. Atrium Innovations unites innovative brands, like Minami, which are each authoritative in their own right. Our brands are renowned for their strong product innovation, their outstanding production methods, and their professional expertise.


Why choose Minami?

If you want to optimize your quality of life, choose Minami as your partner. Our philosophy is simple. Minami offers highly-concentrated omega 3 supplements with a scientific grounding; omega 3 fatty acids that you can use with confidence. The MorEPA and MorDHA products by Minami are the result of great expertise amassed worldwide in the development of pure and high-quality dietary supplements, recognized as the 'best in the world'. They provide the advantages of premium essential fatty acids which are good for your heart, your brain, and your eyes.

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